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We ask members of the Penn State community to be mindful of their individual responsibility to help keep the University a safe and ethical institution and an accountable steward of University funds whether generated from state, federal, student, or other sources.


The University does not condone wrongful conduct by any member of the Penn State community no matter what position he or she may hold.

Thus we urge all members of the University community to report illegal, unethical, or unsafe conduct to the appropriate office below or to the Ethics and Compliance Hotline at 800-560-1637.  If you do so, be assured that the University will protect you from retaliation. See AD67 or contact the Office of Ethics and Compliance for more information.

To report a crime on campus call the University Police at 814 863-1111.

Reporting and Assistance Resources for Faculty, Staff, and Students

More Resources for Faculty, Staff, Students, and Others

More Resources for Faculty, Staff, Students, and Others

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