Professional Development

Professional Development
Professional Development

Set Yourself Apart

The Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network provides an array of professional development opportunities for students to learn more about how a Penn State Liberal Arts education can prepare you for any career you choose. Schedule a meeting with a career coach to talk about how to explore these resources and develop a plan for your next steps.

Three alumnae present as part of a panel at Liberal Arts Career Week 2020
Three alumnae present as part of a panel at Liberal Arts Career Week 2020

Assess Your Strengths

The Career Enrichment Network offers courses, events, and online assessment tools that can help you match your interests with career paths and graduate education opportunities. It’s never too early to begin identifying your strengths! 

Applying for Jobs

The first step to landing a job is applying for it. Learn how to build your professional network and craft a strong application that will stand out to potential employers, as well as how you can turn an internship into a full-time job. 

A student meets with an employer during Liberal Arts Career Week.
A student meets with an employer during Liberal Arts Career Week


Good interviews are a two-way street for applicants and organizations to learn about each other and whether they’ll make a good match. Learn more about why companies conduct job interviews, the different types of interviews, and how you can make the most of each interview opportunity from start to finish. 

Negotiating Offers

The salary in your first job can set the financial trajectory for the rest of your career. A successful negotiation can lead to a higher salary, better benefits, more job flexibility—or all of the above! It’s important to advocate for yourself and receive the best offer possible in your first job and beyond.  

Alumni Mentor Program

An alumni mentor can help you navigate academic, professional, and extracurricular experiences. With the world’s largest alumni network, Penn State and the College of the Liberal Arts can help you connect with mentors from a variety of industries and job functions.  

A student and an alumnus sit at a table and talk.
Students met their alumni mentors in person at an Alumni Mentor Program luncheon

Liberal Arts Career Week

Held each January, Liberal Arts Career Week is a week-long event designed to provide students with programming to develop professional skills and networking opportunities that will support your future career paths. By participating in this week’s employer and alumni panels, workshops, and networking events, you can learn skills needed to embark on your career journey and achieve success in your professional lives. 

Additional Opportunities

Paid and volunteer work through student organizations or part-time jobs can be valuable ways to spend time outside the classroom and develop your professional skills.

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