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Prospective Students

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Prospective and Accepted Students

Have a question? Contact Chantel Harley, Recruitment Coordinator, at 814-865-7141 or .

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Accepted Students



Alumni Panel Series

Liberal Arts and Law - Tuesday, May 11 at 5:30 p.m. EDT  Register

Lauren Hinzey O'Malley

History, Political Science
Family Law Attorney, Triangle Smart Divorce

Jonathan Anderman

Letters, Arts, and Sciences; minored in Biology and Philosophy
Commercial General Counsel, Biogen

Jayde Morgan

Political Science, Global and International Studies
Law Student, William & Mary Law School

Liberal Arts and Management - Thursday, May 13 at 5:30 p.m. EDT  Register

Eugene Ahadome

Political Science
Developer Platform Manager, Facebook

William Shaw

International Politics; minored in Labor and Human Resources
Director and DoD Account Leader, IBM

Majors and Minors

Full List of Majors and Minors

Social Sciences

The social sciences examine the relationships between individuals and societies, as well as the development and operation of societies. The critical thinking, research, and analytical skills gained in a social science major help prepare graduates for diverse job titles, including economist, psychologist, political scientist, and historian, postsecondary teachers, museum curators, and social workers.


Intercultural communication, critical thinking and reasoning, cultural adaptability, information and trend analysis, and the other skills that drive the global economy, are in high demand today. Language graduates find jobs in tourism, international development, marketing, policy making, journalism, government, and more.


Students in the humanities study how people process and document the human experience. Most majors in the humanities build widely transferable skills that employers appreciate and go on to be writers, counselors, event organizers, social media managers, fundraisers, travel bloggers, and more.

Interested in business?

Consider Communication Arts and Sciences, Economics, Global and International Studies, International Politics, Political Science, Psychology (Business Option), or any of the languages above.

Interested in computers or cyber security?

Consider Social Data Analytics.

Interested in health and medicine?

Consider Anthropological Sciences (Biological Anthropology Option), Communication Arts and Sciences, Psychology (Life Sciences Option or Neuroscience Option), Women's Studies, or even English! Being a liberal arts major helped recent graduate John Miller develop a greater worldly perspective, improve his communication skills, and see how people experience life in different ways—traits that have benefitted the Paterno Fellow on his unique path to medical school. Read his story.

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