Katelyn Perry

Katelyn Perry
Academic Adviser
506 Keller Building

Professional Bio

Favorite Quote: "Deep in their roots, flowers hold the light." -Theodore Roethke

I think, first and foremost, this quote is about hope -- it's a reminder that, even in the depths of the darkest, winter days, flowers and light WILL revisit us; brighter days are coming. This quote also encourages me to appreciate "stillness" and patience. I am a pretty hyper person, and Roethke's words remind me that sometimes we just need to be still and allow something to happen. Lastly, this quote supports one of my core beliefs about the value of what we don't know, what we're not aware of, what we don't see. Throughout the winter, the flowers' roots are doing all kinds of underground work and growth that isn't part of my reality. The quote reminds me to appreciate the action, work, or progress that I don't see happening right in front of me.

Favorite College Memory: Renting an RV with a group of friends (including my current husband!) and road-tripping south for the Penn State-Alabama football game! Upon our arrival in Tuscaloosa, we "may" have had to work through a VERY minor situation in which it came to light that a member of the party inadvertently left everyone's tickets in PA. But...Penn Staters are very resourceful, right? It all turned out just fine in the end. :)

Favorite Campus Location: The front steps of Old Main -- it's a natural gathering space for celebrations, protests, and vigils.

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Berkey Creamery Flavor: Death By Chocolate

Katelyn Perry
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