Ben Whitesell

Ben Whitesell
Academic Adviser
Pronouns: he/him/his
220 Weaver Building

Professional Bio

Favorite Quote: "Think fourth-dimensionally!" - Doc Brown
I always keep in mind that everything we do and choice that we make impacts us a little bit now, but it has a greater impact on us in the future. It asks us to think a little deeper, a little harder, but the rewards can be great.

Favorite College Memory: RLST 484Y The History of Chinese Philosophy. After 16 weeks of brain-busting, three-hour classes and hundreds of pages of Chinese philosophers, our professor turned to the class and said, "Well, that's everything about the history of Chinese philosophy." I know it wasn't true, but he certainly made me feel like we accomplished something in that semester.

Favorite Campus Location: These days, my office. Over my time here, I have been able to make it very comfortable for myself.

Favorite Color: Green! Forest green to be exact. Come see my office sometime ;)

Favorite Berkey Creamery Flavor: Not fair that we have to choose only one, but I'll go with cookies-n-cream.

Ben Whitesell
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