History BA
History offers a compelling vision of human activity and capability—from the heights of human creativity and compassion, to the depths of cruelty. It offers a unique analytical perspective on the world, too, because it brings to bear a comprehensive view that social science disciplines seldom match. To understand history, we need to know about culture, religion, art, as well as politics and war. The study of history permits a breadth of knowledge, an understanding of trends, and many other intellectual perspectives that allow an individual to better comprehend today’s complex world.
Degree Types: Bachelor of Arts, Minor

Degree Options

  • Political Science
  • Classics
  • Economics
  • Anthropology
  • English

About the Program

You might like this program if…

  • You want to learn to assess the credibility of sources; in today’s media-rich environment, you will put this skill to work every day.
  • You want to gain a deeper understanding of complex causalities; as a history student you will practice thinking about the significance of multiple, often interlinking factors and the way they contribute to complex events.
  • You’re interested in pursuing a career in law, business, or education.


  • Military History
  • American History, Medieval History
  • Ancient History
  • History of Science and Tech

Out-of-Classroom Experiences

  • Deloitte
  • Foreign Policy Research Institute
  • U.S. Department of the Treasury
  • Penn State University Libraries
  • U.S. Congress
  • Lemont Village Association
  • Centre County Historical Society
  • U.S. Department of State
Students in CAMS/HIST 199 Roman Cities at Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, Italy in June 2022
United Kingdom

Post-Graduation Opportunities

  • Law school
  • Medical school
  • Grad school to study history, archaeology, biomedical sciences, Viking and Medieval Norse studies, classics, cinema and media studies, classical languages and literature, paralegal, European studies, public affairs, international affairs, health advocacy, higher education administration, philosophy, museum studies, political science, public policy, and theology
Communications, Legal, Management, Marketing, Sales, Service (Teach for America), Teaching

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This program is housed in the Department of History
 at Penn State University Park and Penn State World Campus.
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