Graduate education in the Penn State Department of Philosophy coordinates our longstanding strength in Continental philosophy with our emerging specialties in feminist philosophy and critical philosophy of race. The graduate program’s signature style of pursuing these strengths involves engagement with and reflection on the history of philosophy. It also integrates our strengths with the study of ethics richly informed by a historical approach. We understand Continental philosophy, feminist philosophy, and critical philosophy of race necessarily draw from multiple traditions, including analytic and American as well as Continental philosophy. Likewise, the field of ethics draws on multiple traditions, and the history of philosophy can be and is pursued by means of different problematics and diverse philosophical traditions. Graduate students are trained in multiple traditions, helping produce a new generation of diverse students who are philosophically “multilingual.”

Degree Types: Graduate Minor, Ph.D.
  • African American and Diaspora Studies
  • Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
  • Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
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