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Law and Society BA
The 123-credit Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society is a multidisciplinary program intended to provide you with a greater understanding of law, legal principles, and the legal systems of the United States. Many occupations today require at least some legal knowledge and notion of the law. With a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society, you will not only learn about the law, legal principles, legal institutions, and processes in the United States, but you can also become skillful in logic, rhetoric, research and legal writing.
Degree Types: Bachelor of Arts

About the Program

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  • Law and Society provides excellent preparation for higher schooling, such as law school or graduate study in sociology, criminology, or criminal justice. The major enhances career options in law enforcement, regulatory agencies, social service agencies, non-profit agencies, non-government agencies (NGO), and organizations that determine public policy. Law and Society also provides valuable knowledge for the small business owner.


  • American Civilization to 1877
  • American Civilization Since 1877||Rights in America
  • Contemporary Legal Issues
  • The American Legal Process

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This program is housed 

in the Department of Sociology and Criminology 
at Penn State World Campus.
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