Latina and Latino Studies

Latina and Latino Studies Minor
Latina/o Studies is an interdisciplinary field that critically analyzes the local, national, and hemispheric importance of the Latino/s in the U.S. It draws from a variety of established disciplinary methods, including social sciences, history, and literary and cultural studies. It traces the birth and transformation of Latino communities within American society from the colonial period to the present. The field comparatively studies U.S. and Latin American contexts, and engages multilingual aspects of Latino culture. The field also studies the sociocultural experiences and cultural production of Latinas and Latinos. It serves as a bridge between the academic and non-academic worlds in order to understand the complexity of all the Latino national groups: scholars of the field often both document and engage with the struggles and political activism of Latino/as in their search for equality, representation, and social justice. (An area of local interest is the growth of immigrant populations in Pennsylvania.)
Degree Types: Minor

About the Program

You might like this program if…

  • You want to study the history and culture of Latino communities in the U.S., which constitute the fastest growing minority in American society.
  • You want to put into dialogue different disciplines and approaches to study the phenomenon of “Latinidad.”
  • You value bilingualism and multilingualism.
  • You appreciate Latino literature, arts, and culture.
  • You believe that colleges and universities should engage with Latino communities in order to better understand their different problematics and propose innovative projects.


  • Latina/o Border Theories
  • Chicana/o Cultural Production
  • Latin America and the United States
  • Reading the Border/Lands
  • Varieties of Latina/o Cultural Expression

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This program is housed in the Latina/o Studies Program
 at Penn State University Park.
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