International Affairs (M.I.A.) and International Politics (B.A.) 

International Affairs (M.I.A.) and International Politics (B.A.) 
The integrated undergraduate-graduate (IUG) degree program (B.A. in International Politics/M.I.A. in International Affairs) provides an opportunity for strong students in International Politics to complete a master’s degree with five total years of study. The career choices for graduates with this training will also expand sharply. The integrated degree program prepares students for a variety of careers requiring an interdisciplinary background in politics and international affairs. Examples of types of entities hiring in these areas are federal, state, and local governments, international organizations, multinational corporations, international banking and financial institutions, media organizations and journalism, consulting firms, policy research centers, and development assistance programs and foundations.
Degree Types: Integrated Undergraduate-Graduate

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  • The demand for graduate training in international affairs will grow significantly in the near future along with the burgeoning requirements for international knowledge and professional experience in commerce, humanitarian service, and public affairs.

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This program is housed in the Department of Political Science
 at Penn State University Park.
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