Bioethics and Medical Humanities

Bioethics and Medical Humanities Minor
Should we use medical science to enhance our mental or physical performance? Where does therapy end and enhancement begin? Do we have a right to choose the time and means of our own death—and should medical personnel be permitted to assist us? Do we have a right to health care? Should governments try to influence our food choices in order to promote public health, and counter the influence of advertising and marketing by food companies? What can we learn from the COVID-19 pandemic about addressing systemic racism and structural injustice? These are the kinds of questions we explore in bioethics using philosophy, art, fiction, film, and more.
Degree Types: Minor

About the Program

You might like this program if…

  • You are interested in health care ethics, food ethics, and environmental ethics.
  • You want fresh perspectives on ethical issues, new and old—from the genetic modification of our food to the genetic modification of ourselves!
  • You want to be part of animated discussions about pressing issues that affect humanity.
  • You are studying philosophy, gender and sexuality, public or global health, health administration, anthropology, biobehavioral health, nursing, health communication, etc.
  • You are premed or prelaw; or, you intend to pursue a career in medicine, law, health care, public health, veterinary science, biological sciences, environmental sciences, bioinformatics, or public policy—among many other areas.


  • Bioethics
  • Medical and Health Care Ethics
  • Health Communication
  • Deaf Culture
  • Contemporary Issues in Science and Medicine

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This program is housed in the Bioethics Program
 at Penn State University Park.
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