Anthropology Minor
Anthropology is the study of humanity—our biology, behavior, cultural complexity, and evolution. Anthropologists study living people across cultures and populations; past people through the fossil, archaeological, and historical records; as well as living and extinct nonhuman primates. Anthropologists document, describe, and seek to understand biological and cultural variation in humans both past and present as a way to understand and explain the human condition. The field is divided into several integrated areas of study. Archaeology focuses on past societies, both ancient and historic, in order to understand and explain culture change over time. Biological anthropology describes and explains human biological variation today and in the past. Human ecology or cultural anthropology studies contemporary societies and cultures and their interactions with the environment.
Degree Types: Bachelor of Arts, Minor

Degree Options

  • Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
  • History
  • Jewish Studies
  • Art History
  • Philosophy

About the Program

You might like this program if…

  • You are interested in human cultural and biological variation and you want to understand human behavior and biology.
  • You find human diversity fascinating and want to explore and understand the human condition.
  • You want to study important questions such as “what makes us human?” and “what is the origin and importance of human diversity?”
  • You want to pursue a career in anthropological research, museum curation, education, health professions, law, non-governmental organizations, or international relations.


  • Anthropology of Alcohol
  • Ancient Brews
  • Forensic Archaeology
  • Museum Studies
  • Anthropology, Ancestry, and You

Out-of-Classroom Experiences

  • Gettysburg National Military Park
  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Post-Graduation Opportunities

  • Law school
  • Graduate school to study archaeology, anthropology, digital sciences, forensics, museum studies, and ancient languages
Consulting, Education, Film/Video Editing, Human Resources, Management, Research

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This program is housed in the Department of Anthropology
 at Penn State University Park.
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