Anthropological Science

Anthropological Science BS
Anthropological Science provides the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in anthropological theory, research methods, quantification, and laboratory science. It prepares students with the skills and competencies needed to pursue graduate study or careers in professions associated with archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, ecological anthropology, and related fields. Students contemplating futures in anthropological research, biomedical, forensic, or archaeological sciences should consider this degree.
Degree Types: Bachelor of Science

Degree Options

  • Archaeological Science
  • Biological Anthropology
  • Human Ecology
  • Integrated Anthropological Science
  • Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
  • History
  • Jewish Studies
  • Art History
  • Philosophy

About the Program

You might like this program if…

  • You are interested in futures in anthropological research, biomedical, forensic, or archaeological sciences.
  • You want to study multiple areas of anthropological science.


  • Anthropology of Alcohol
  • Ancient Brews
  • Forensic Archaeology
  • Museum Studies
  • Anthropology, Ancestry, and You

Out-of-Classroom Experiences

  • Gettysburg National Military Park
  • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Post-Graduation Opportunities

  • Graduate school to study anthropology, linguistics, forensics, museum studies and human genetics
  • Chiropractics
Customer Service, Education (K-12), Research

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This program is housed in the Department of Anthropology
 at Penn State University Park.
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