Student Registration Request


Department Internship Coordinators:

To have a student registered for your departmental section of LA 495, simply complete the information below and submit.

Please note if you are submitting a student registration request after the halfway point of the semester, the instructor will need to submit a note to explaining the late registration.


FYI re: In-Person Internship Exceptions during COVID-19: 

**NOTE (effective January 2020):

Undergraduate and graduate students, whether University personnel or otherwise, are not permitted to receive academic credit for any work, research, or activity in violation of federal law, including work associated with marijuana.  Employers involved in the hemp industry, however, may recruit students for both non-credit and credit bearing positions. It is the students' responsibility to share with the internship supervisor if their position is related to working with marijuana.

Will the student meet full-time semester registration status (12 or more total credits)?   Note: The total number of semester credits should include any LA 495 internship credit for which the student is registered.

Semester of Internship  

Number of Credits  

Start Date of Internship  
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End Date of Internship  
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Internship Type  

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