The Online Classroom

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Teaching in the "online classroom" requires many of the same skills as teaching students in residence, but with technology replacing the physical class space.  

Accessing the lesson materials such as lectures, animations, slideshows or video or audio clips as well as course administrative, grading, and communication functions happen within the course learning management system or LMS.  Currently,  Penn State is in process of transitioning from one LMS (ANGEL) into a new LMS (Canvas).  This transition will be completed by Fall 2017 so until then, courses may be offered in either system.  As of Fall 2017, all courses will be offered in Canvas.    

Other technologies may be used as needed to provide a rich classroom experience.  The College's streaming media server gives us the ability to embed video or audio files within course content while keeping the files password protected and available only to registered students.  Some courses may use other technologies such as Sites at Penn State, VoiceThread, YouSeeU, Adobe Connect, or others to provide an engaging online classroom experience.

The learning design team can help faculty select the most appropriate technology and tools to encourage student learning and engagement.

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