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About us

    • Works with partners in the College’s academic departments and at the World Campus to create a portfolio of online courses and degree programs.

    • Helps fulfill the thematic priorities of transforming education and driving digital innovation described in Penn State’s strategic plan.

    • Calls on the expertise of its instructional design, multimedia, and technical staff to work alongside faculty to create engaging learning environments for students.
    • Provides support to faculty and students with digital tools and course content as courses are being delivered.
    • Explores the potential of digital technologies and tools that have the potential to assist with teaching, learning, and course objectives.

On the Move

Joshua and Pam PosingPam and Joshua and CrowdPam Demo

Filippelli Institute representatives Pam Snyder and Joshua Wilkins giving presentations on Virtual Reality at the 2019 Distance Teaching & Learning Conference in Madison, WI.

Leadership by the Numbers
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