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Welcome! We are delighted you have chosen to join Penn State's College of the Liberal Arts. On behalf of our faculty and staff, I welcome you to Penn State and to Liberal Arts. In the College of the Liberal Arts, we are committed to making each of our departments one of the finest among public institutions. To achieve that end, hiring and retaining strong faculty has been our prime strategy. We are glad to have you join our outstanding and vigorous faculty.

Penn State is a huge institution with hundreds of programs and support services. The very richness of those resources sometimes makes it difficult to know where to turn for information or assistance. We have, therefore, designed this Web page to be a handy guide and index to many of the services you might need as you begin your Penn State career. We hope you find it helpful.

Beyond the resources enumerated here, remember that your department head is also a valuable guide to the University's resources. And do not hesitate to call our offices if you need help. Richard Page, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies can be reached at 865-1438. Scott Bennett, Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, is available at 865-1439. My office is 865-7691.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for making this Web page even more useful to succeeding "classes" of new Liberal Arts faculty.

I look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks and months ahead.

With regards,

Clarence Lang

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