Instructions for Adding a Liberal Arts First-Year Seminar

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Please follow the Liberal Arts Curricular Affairs guidelines for adding a department course. David Lingenfelter () is the contact person for course controls.

Course number: 083S or 084S are the only course numbers to be used
Course limit: 20-25 seats
Course control: LA SEM 01-02; do not remove
Course credits: 1 or 3
Course time: Only standard M W F 50-minute or T R 75-minute time slots may be scheduled.

Please send the confirmation of the course add via e-mail to David Lingenfelter at .

Only seminars approved by Dean Taylor will be offered; remove from the system any "rollover" seminars from last year that have not been approved.

Liberal Arts first-year seminars are limited to LA and DUS first-year students only. Upper class students are not permitted to enroll in first-year seminars.

Although department phone numbers are listed as the contact for each FYS course, the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Studies (LAUS) Office is the only department that overrides students into FYS courses. Anyone requesting enrollment into one of these seminars should be referred to the LAUS office at 865-2545. Due to a computer programming issue, this is unavoidable.

Please keep all course controls in place until you are contacted by the Undergraduate Studies Office to change these controls.

Teaching assistants are not permitted to be involved in first-year seminars without the associate dean's permission.

Cross-listing of first-year seminars is discouraged.

Questions containing to the first-year seminar guidelines may be directed to:

David Lingenfelter, Manager of Course Scheduling and Enrollment
865-1031 or 

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