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The designation of Evan Pugh University Professor is the highest distinction that the University can bestow upon a faculty member. The Evan Pugh University Professors will be selected without regard to college affiliation, program, or location.

The maximum number of active Evan Pugh University Professorships University-wide shall not exceed one percent of the total number of standing academic appointments. The current maximum number is twenty-five (25). The selection process for Evan Pugh University Professorships usually occurs in odd-numbered years when there are vacancies.


Candidates for this appointment will:

  • Be current, active members of the faculty holding the rank of professor, with at least five years of service to Penn State.
  • May hold another endowed chair, professorship, or faculty fellowship while holding the Evan Pugh University Professorship; holders of endowed chairs, professorships, or faculty fellowships may be named Evan Pugh University Professors, but will not receive associated remuneration from the Evan Pugh University Professorship, unless the other remuneration is less than that provided by the Evan Pugh University Professorship. In such cases, the faculty member will receive the remuneration provided by the chair, professorship, or faculty fellowship, plus a supplement provided by funds in the Office of the Vice President for Research such that the sum is equivalent to that provided for the Evan Pugh University Professorship.
  • Be acknowledged leaders in their fields of research or creative activity. This national and international leadership should be documented by (1) pioneering contributions to research published in leading journals or books and creative accomplishments widely recognized for excellence; (2) prestigious awards and citations; and (3) a substantial record of invited lectures or performances delivered at prestigious institutions. Strong preference will be given to candidates who are the founders and developers of their fields, in keeping with the scholarly tradition of the initial Evan Pugh University Professorships awarded by the University.
  • Have demonstrated significant leadership in raising the standards of the University with respect to teaching, research or creative activity, and service.
  • Have demonstrated excellent teaching skills and contributed significantly to the education of students, both undergraduate and graduate, who subsequently have achieved demonstrable recognition for excellence in their fields.
  • Have strong support from colleagues, within and outside the University, who are also recognized as established senior scholars and leaders in their fields.

Nomination and Selection Process

For information on the nomination and selection process, please go to Policy AC87.

Current Evan Pugh University Professors in the College of the Liberal Arts

Former Evan Pugh University Professors in the College of the Liberal Arts

  • John M. Anderson (philosophy, 1968)
  • Vernon J. Aspaturian (political science, 1974)
  • Paul T. Baker (anthropology, 1981)
  • Herschel W. Leibowitz (psychology, 1977)
  • Stanley H. Rosen (philosophy, 1985)
  • William T. Sanders (anthropology, 1985)
  • Alan Walker (anthropology, 2002)
  • Stanley Weintraub (arts and humanities, 1986)
  • Kenneth Weiss (anthropology, 2000)
  • Philip Young (English, 1981)
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