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  • Paterno Fellows Weekly Newsletter (emailed weekly, or bi-weekly over the summer)
  • Application for Undergraduate Enrichment Awards
  • Updating Your Requirements on the Paterno Fellows Database
    • As you complete your Paterno Fellows requirements, you are responsible for marking them “Claimed Satisfied” in the Paterno Fellows database. To access the database, go to You will need to login using your PSU ID and password. Once you have signed in to the database, scroll down to appropriate requirement. Include a brief but exact description in the box provided, e.g., for the education abroad requirement, a description of “studied abroad in Rome, Italy in fall 2019” is exact; “studied abroad” is not. For the leadership requirement, “Finance Committee Chair for THON 2020” is exact; “Completed various hours of volunteer work” is not. In some instances, you can choose from a scroll down menu and then elaborate as necessary. Leadership courses and credited internships appear on your transcript, so there is no need to document them further. However, documentation forms are required on two occasions: 1) upon completion of your service or leadership requirement and 2) upon completion of a non-credit internship. The forms are available on this page. Submit documentation forms to Adalenne Polk in 119 Sparks Building. You should update the requirements you’ve met as you complete them. Please do not wait until your graduation semester. The Paterno Fellows Program needs time to approve your submissions and mark them “satisfied.” We also use the information you provide in the printed program distributed at the Paterno Fellows graduation reception. Having trouble entering your requirements information? Contact Adalenne Polk at for help.

How can I describe the Paterno Fellows Program on my resume?

Paterno Fellows Program, College of the Liberal Arts
Honors program including advanced academic coursework, thesis, study abroad and/or internship, ethics study, and leadership/service commitment

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