Episode 3: Essay Contest Winners - 4/30/21

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Winners of this year’s Collegiate Laws of Life Essay Contest join host Erin Flannery to discuss the essay prompt, "What is the purpose of a university?" Students shared their insights and things got heated! Join us for an impassioned conversation about the place of the university in society, the role activism has played in shaping it, and the challenges it faces in the twenty-first century.

Essay contest winners: Ezra Gershanok (first place), Taran Samarth (second place), Carley Anne Palkon (third place), Nicole D’Amico (honorable mention), and Elijah St. Pierre (honorable mention)

Erin Flannery Ezra Gershanok Taran Samarth Carley Anne Palkon Nicole D'Amico Elijah St. Pierre


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