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Today's Paterno Fellows are the face of the Paterno Legacy at Penn State. Support from alumni allows them to pursue an education of exceptional depth, ambition, and distinction. To read stories about current Paterno Fellows and to learn how you can support their education, visit

Alumni News Updates

What do Paterno Fellows go on to do after graduating? Read the short updates below to get a glimpse of what these impressive alumni are doing today. If you are an alumnus or alumna of the program, share your updates with us here. 

March 2017

Sarah Eissler, '13, English and Spanish

Since graduating undergrad, I've been continuing my education at Penn State University. I received my MS in Rural Sociology and International Agriculture and Development, and am currently finishing my Ph.D. in Rural Sociology and the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment. I'm currently in SouthEast Asia (in Vietnam then onto Indonesia) to conduct my dissertation research on cocoa farming and climate change. I am funded by the Borlaug Fellowship as well as the National Geographic Young Explorers Conservation Grant.


January 2017

Adison Godfrey, '16, English and Spanish

I am currently serving as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Latacunga, Ecuador. Following the completion of my Fulbright grant, I will be participating in Penn State's Secondary English PDS Program and obtaining my M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction.


November 2016

Kaitlyn Lynes, '12, International Politics and German

I am currently one semester away from completing my Masters in international affairs from The New School in New York City. My thesis research focuses on the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in the Western Balkans and an analysis of civilian disarmament policies. I plan to next pursue my PhD in the same field.


October 2015

Annie Marcinek, '14 Anthropology

After graduation and a short stint in Cusco, Peru, I am back in Happy Valley working toward a Master's degree in the Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management department. My research focuses on indigenous community development in Latin America, especially in the sustainable tourism context.


September 2015

Olivia Hiddemen (Hoover), '14 Psychology

I just completed my M.S.Ed. in Counseling and Mental Health Services from the University of Pennsylvania and am now working on my M.Phil.Ed. in professional counseling. I will be a certified school counselor and eligible to be a Licensed Professional Counselor in the spring!

June 2015

Rachel Patchen, '15 Psychology and Economics

I will be working as a business advisory services associate for Grant Thornton in Philadelphia.

Jessica Scarbrough, '15 Psychology and Political Science

I am attending Boston University School of Law in the fall of 2015. I'm moving to Boston to accommodate my new educational adventure, and am really excited!

April 2015

Cody Pepperday, '14 Philosophy

Attending Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Seton Hill, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Candidate

August 2014

Lydia Scott, '12 History, Philosophy, and Labor Studies and Employment Relations

I graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design in May 2014, with a Master in Urban Planning degree with a concentration in Urban Design. Following graduation, I taught an urban planning studio as a part of Harvard's summer Career Discovery program, which introduces attendees to the fields of planning, design, and architecture. In July, I began work as a Community Development Planner in the city of Newton, Mass. I am part of the division that oversees the allocation of federal funding through Community Development Block Grants for architectural access, facade rehabilitation, and neighborhood improvements for low- and moderate-income areas. I am very excited to finally begin my career as an urban planner!

July 2014

Lauren Christiansen, '14, Spanish and International Politics

Shortly after graduation, I moved to NYC to start my new job with Bloomberg.

June 2014

Brian Prewitt, '14, Crime, Law, and Justice; and Political Science

Brian will be attending Law School at the Boston University School of Law.

Laura Dzwonczyk, '14, English, and Master's in International Affairs

I am a Fulbright ETA (English Teaching Assistant) in Germany!

Brittany Corprew, '14, Psychology and Criminology

I'm a 2014 Teach For America Corps Member.  I'm originally from Virginia, called Pennsylvania home for four years, and now I'm making the daring move to Houston, Texas!

Sarina Katz, '14, History and International Politics

After graduation I traveled to Nyeri, Kenya, where I worked with the HESE program to establish a small-scale pizza business. Upon returning I have begun an internship with World Hope International, an international development non-profit based in Washington, DC.

Ho Kwan Cheung, '14, Psychology and Spanish

Ho Kwan is an incoming Ph.D. student of Industrial-Organizational Psychology for Fall 2014 in George Mason University. She will be moving to the DC area in mid-August.

October 2013

Jessica Skocik, '13, Crime, Law, and Justice; and Sociology

Jessica Skocik won a Fulbright Award for the 2013-14 academic year. 11 of this year's Fulbright Scholars are from Penn State University Park. For more information:

July 2013

Jay Johnson, '13, Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, and History

Upon returning from a post-graduation two week whirlwind tour of England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany, I began my summer internship working at the Eagles Mere Museum in Eagles Mere, PA. The museum, which works in partnership with Penn State's Department of History, celebrates the local history surrounding the historic resort town. I've worked on numerous tasks, ranging from cataloguing to greatly assisting in exhibit construction and display, and am currently leading three projects to build a virtual tour, to improve the museum's online presence and outreach capabilities through the use of social media, and to create a virtual museum which will be accessible to visitors on their smartphones and museum-provided tablets via QR codes. I am also conducting research as I lead the third project with the intent of publishing a paper on how small museums and other organizations can efficiently and effectively improve their visitors' experience through the implementation of technology.

Carolina Morales, '13, Psychology

I will be attending Cornell Law School this fall!

Dana Blair, '12, History and Anthropology

After graduation, I worked for three months as an excavation assistant with a professor from Stanford University on the archaeological site of Chavín de Huantar in northern Peru, topping off the experience with a couple months backpacking through southern Peru, Chile and Argentina. Back in the U.S. for the winter, I worked in the Anthropology department of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh doing Portuguese translation and research on the Brazilian Amazon collections. As of March 2013, I am based in Cusco, Peru, working full-time as the Project Coordinator and Community Liaison for Threads of Peru, a nonprofit social enterprise that aims to preserve the ancient Quechua weaving tradition and provide social and economic support to indigenous weavers throughout the Sacred Valley.

June 2013 

Beth Rudoy, '13, History

Beth is a Middle School English Language Arts teacher with Teach for America at Edgecombe County Schools in Eastern North Carolina.

April 2013

Peter Szekeres, '12, English and History

I am currently completing an accelerated MA in Creative Writing at Penn State. During my time as a graduate student, I won the Toby Thompson Nonfiction Prize and was chosen to be a panel presenter at Oklahoma State University's Annual Humanities Conference. I am also currently a Technical Writing Intern at the Center for Computational Mathematics (CCMA).

March 2013

Ruth Canagarajah, '12, International Politics and Sociology

I am currently a bit over halfway through with my Fulbright research grant in Sri Lanka. My time here has been incredibly edifying on a personal and academic level. My interactions with many people from various fields, my research itself which involves interviewing some of the most vulnerable fishing communities, and solitary travels which allow me to think and reflect on the upcoming steps--they have all melded into something that has been challenging, confusing at times, but gratifying overall.

November 2012

Paul Stretton, '12, History and Economics

I am currently working for the Federal Reserve Board in DC.

Hannah Marie Rose, '12 Political Science and International Studies

After graduation I moved from State College to Philadelphia to start my career with The Hershey Company. I am currently the Montgomery County Hershey Retail Sales Representative, calling on 35 local grocery and Walmart stores. Hershey is a company that likes its employees to start at the bottom and work their way up, and I saw this role as a great opportunity to eventually get into global retail initiatives, a department where I could better leverage the knowledge and skills I gained at Penn State.

October 2012

Evan Kalikow, '12 International Politics and Economics

I am currently pursuing an MSc degree in Security Studies at University College London, intending to graduate in September 2013.

Charlee M. Redman, '12 English, and French and Francophone Studies

I am working as an editorial assistant at the Penn State University Press.

Stephanie Brunner, '12 Psychology

I moved to Minneapolis, MN in August to begin a PhD program in Educational Psychology. Grad school is a lot tougher than undergrad, but I am thankful for the preparation I received at Penn State through Schreyer Honors College and Paterno Fellows Program requirements and experiences. Being an honors student helped me to cultivate my willingness to take the initiative and seek out new experiences, and I am so grateful to now have a perspective of life-long curiousness! It has already helped me get involved in research projects and network with notable figures in the field!

Giulia Alexandra Borriello, '11 Psychology and Italian

I am currently continuing my education at Penn State as first year graduate student in the developmental psychology Ph.D program. I'm now adjusting to the demands of graduate school, so Penn State, while very familiar, has become a very different place for me. I am really enjoying the intellectual stimulation that grad school presents me, and I am so excited to continue my program at Penn State!

Robert Davis Shaver, '12 History

Following graduation, I accepted a job as a technology producer for Digital First Media, the nation's second largest newspaper company.

Lydia H. Scott, '12 History, Philosophy, and Labor Studies and Employment Relations

Since graduating from Penn State in May, I have enrolled in the two-year Master of Urban Planning program at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Adam Boyer, '12 History and Political Science

I'm in my first year of law school at Villanova. It's going really well, but I miss Penn State!

Megan Penza, '12 Sociology and Psychology

I am currently teaching through Teach for America on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in Eastern South Dakota. I am a multi-grade teacher which means I teach grades 6, 7 and 8 all of their subjects (math, literacy, science and social studies). My students are well aware of my Penn State pride and we proudly display a Penn State pennant on our "Wall of great Universities".

Steven Koller, '12 Sociology and History

At the moment, I'm teaching English at a public elementary school in Cheongju, South Korea. I'm working as a GET (Guest English Teacher) through EPIK (English Program In Korea) on a one-year contract for over two months now, and I am LOVING IT. It's a fantastic experience for recent liberal arts graduates, and I firmly believe I'll fondly look back on this year as a rewarding interim experience between my university and graduate school careers.

Katherine Burlingame, '11 Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, and History

I am currently living in Cottbus, Germany studying for a master's degree in World Heritage Studies at the Brandenburg University of Technology.

Michelle Julie Skalrud, '12 Crime, Law, and Justice, and Russian

I am in my first year at New York Law School and living in New York City.

Paige Cooperstein, '12 English

Two months after graduation, I moved to Syracuse, NY to pursue my master's in arts journalism at Syracuse University. So far this year, I've traveled to Toronto for their international film festival and started working for The Post-Standard newspaper. The remaining 8 months of my arts journalism degree should continue to teach me practical skills for a career as a professional writer.

Sheryl C. Hosler, '12 English, and Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management

After graduation I worked for the summer at a traditional summer camp in the Adirondack mountains in up-state New York taking kids of all ages on wilderness backpacking and canoeing trips. Since then I have gotten married, moved to Illinois, and started a job working at an ecology center. Wishing everyone else the best!

Autumn Griffin, '12 English, and African and African American Studies

I am currently living in Atlanta teaching Reading and Writing to 6th grade students at Latin Academy Charter School. The Teach for America experience has definitely been a memorable one in more ways than one, but I can truly say that I am enjoying every second both with my kids and in Atlanta. Every day I'm learning more and more about what plagues our country's educational system and it inspires me that much more to get back into the classroom as a student. In January I will be starting a Master's program at Georgia State, which will take me a year and a half to complete.

Rose Monahan, '12 Political Science and English

After graduating, I spent the summer on an organic farm in Michigan, which was great. Now, I'm at American University's Washington College of Law, pursuing environmental law.

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