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What is a college theme?

The theme is a college-wide project bringing together Penn State students, faculty, staff, and alumni to explore what it means to live through historic and contemporary times of change.

Current theme

Moments of Change: A Century of Women’s Activism

Starting in spring 2020, the college’s undergraduate theme for the next year will be Moments of Change: A Century of Women’s Activism. More information about the theme will be coming soon. If you are interested in the theme of women’s activism, take a look at some of the courses being offered next semester that highlight expertise in related areas.

  • AFAM 101 African American Women 
  • AFAM 103 Racism and Sexism 
  • AFAM 114N Race, Gender and Sport 
  • AFAM 213 African American Women's History 
  • AFAM 364N Black and White Sexuality 
  • CAS 175 Persuasion and Propaganda  
  • CAS 222 Foundations of Civic and Community Engagement 
  • CAS 210 Landmark Speeches  
  • CAS 311 Rhetorical Criticism  
  • CAS 375 Rhetoric and Controversy 
  • FR 201 Oral Communication and Reading Comprehension 
  • FR 202 Grammar and Composition 
  • FR 475 Women’s History in Post-Revolutionary France 
  • IT/WMST/HIST/CMLIT 240Q Artistic Patronage in Europe 
  • PORT 397 Arts and Politics in Contemporary Brazil 
  • SPAN 326 Reading the Borderlands 
  • WMNST 100N Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies 
  • WMNST 105N Living in a Diverse World 
  • WMNST 106N Representing Women and Gender in Literature, Art, and Popular Cultures 
  • WMNST 200 Global Feminisms 
  • WMNST 300 Latinas in the US: Gender Culture and Society 
  • WMNST 301 Sexualities, Gender, and Power: Feminist Thought and Politics 
  • WMNST 497 Autobiography: Gender, Race, and Identity

Previous themes

Moments of Change: Remembering 1968

The year 1968 — with its rebellions, assassinations, political developments, and cultural innovations  epitomizes an era of change. In 2018, the College of the Liberal Arts spent the year remembering 1968 through a series of panel discussions, movies, lectures, and more events that stepped back in time to examine the era's impact on America then and now. The college also created a special course in the spring of 2018 focused on 1968. Students met with and produced oral histories of Penn State alumni who were students during that era. those stories were added to the "Moments of Change: Remembering 1968" website. Learn more about our previous theme, Moments of Change: Remembering 1968.

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