Jewish Studies

For more information on study abroad program for Jewish Studies majors, please contact:

Alan Benjamin, Lecturer, Undergraduate Studies Officer
Jewish Studies Program | 413-A Weaver Building, University Park, PA 16802

Education Abroad Programs Recommended by the Department:

Tel Akko, Israel: Anthropology, Classics and Mediterranean Studies and Jewish Studies (Summer)
A PSU faculty-led summer archaeology program. This is a wonderful opportunity to become familiar with one or more aspects of archaeological research as well as with the ancient history of the Land of Israel. The course is taught by a faculty member with extensive experience and expertise in both. It provides students with a personal, direct experience of core elements of the Jewish Studies curriculum and, specifically, meets the required supporting courses in 1) study of ancient Jewry; and 2) study of the archaeology of the Land of Israel. Sometimes a study tour of the region also is offered.

Haifa: University of Haifa
Academic term abroad at the University of Haifa (spring terms). A recent addition to PSU's pre-approved education abroad programs. The U. of Haifa is known for its honors psychology program, its courses on the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the extent to which foreign students are integrated with Israelis--both by housing in dormitories that include Israeli and foreign students together, and by the facilitation of volunteer work with non-governmental organizations in the State of Israel. A wide range of other courses are available, including many that can meet Jewish Studies degree requirements. Hebrew language courses can contribute to the PSU minor in Hebrew.

Tel Aviv: Tel Aviv University
Academic term abroad at Tel Aviv University (spring terms). This is the longest-running education abroad program in the State of Israel. It offers a variety of academic courses, including a number of courses on Jewish and Israeli history, culture, and social science that meet Jewish Studies degree requirements. Hebrew language courses can contribute to the PSU minor in Hebrew.

Academic Notes:

Courses in each of the three programs listed above automatically are approved for Penn State credit--though not necessarily for Jewish Studies credit. Courses not yet on a "course equivalency list" will be reviewed and the appropriate PSU credits will be awarded. 

Check by mid-September for information on the next year's summer archaeology program. 

See for further information.

Other Important Information:

Penn State also offers an opportunity to spend a term taking courses at the Technion, Israel's "MIT," located in Haifa.

An Embedded Study Abroad course may be available with one of your Jewish Studies courses in the summer or during spring or Thanksgiving break.  Currently, Professor Ann Killebrew offers embedded study to Israel in conjunction with her summer archaeology courses.  Professors Tobias Brinkmann and Eliyana Adler are developing an embedded course to Poland and Germany to be run in conjunction with our Holocaust course, and Professor Lior Sternfeld is developing an embedded course to Israel in conjunction with his course on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

For more information on global experiences and enrichment funding in the College of the Liberal Arts, please contact the Career Enrichment Network staff at or 814-865-1070.

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