For more information on the Department of Anthropology study abroad program, please contact:

Tim Ryan, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Information Sciences and Technology
Department of Anthropology | 322 Carpenter Building, University Park, PA 16802

Education Abroad Programs Recommended by the Department:

Athens: History, Culture, and Archaeology of Greece (Spring semester)

Rome: Study Tour of Roman History and Archaeology (Summer)

Tel Akko, Israel: Excavation, Survey and GIS, Conservation/Public Archaeology, Archaeological Sciences and Underwater Archaeology (Summer)


Academic Notes:

Students interested in studying abroad and applying credits towards Anthropology major or minor requirements should consult with the Anthropology adviser about the process for receiving approval for courses not listed on the course equivalency list. For courses not already evaluated, Professor Tim Ryan will determine how credits taken abroad may count towards the major or minor. Ideally students should start this planning before going abroad.

Other Important Information:

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