First-Year Experience

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First-Year Experience

The First-Year Experience program allows students to learn more about the College of the Liberal Arts and Penn State. Programming and events center around helping students become acclimated to the University, as well as begin to identify with the college, their peers, and their teachers. 

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Calendar of Events

You are encouraged to attend First-Year Experience events throughout the year.

Earn the First-Year Engager Badge

First-year workshops and events are designed to help you make informed decisions and develop a community of learners. Taking time to engage in multiple opportunities during your first year demonstrates your desire to be a self-guided learner and citizen.

After attending at least two events and two workshops and meeting at least one new person, write a reflection on your overall First-Year Experience.

For more information about earning the badge, visit the Digital Badges site.

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Event and Workshop Descriptions

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