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In-Class Activities and Extra Credit Opportunities

Here are some suggestions for ways to connect your classes to the FYE initiative:

Offer extra credit

Students who attend one of our free-standing workshops or lectures might write a one-page reflection paper, using prompts like these:

  • What event did you attend?
  • How will this impact your first year as a Liberal Arts student?
  • How will you integrate the information into decision-making during your first year at Penn State?

Plan activities related to campus resources and offices, like Penn State Learning or the Libraries

You might consider the following:

  • Have each student research a campus office and give a presentation explaining how the office can help first year Penn State students.
  • Have groups of students visit a campus resource and create a plan to use the resource to complete a class assignment or some other task.

The First Year Engager Badge

Students can submit evidence after attending events and be awarded the First Year Engager badge to encourage them to make informed decisions, develop a community of learners, and be a self-guided learner and citizen.

In-Class Workshops

Faculty can request a workshop for their class:

Additional Resources

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