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Concurrent Major

Students who wish to add an major:

  1. A student requests concurrent major(s) through student self-service. (For Sequential Majors, see #4 below.
  2. The deadline for filing for a current degree is the end of the late drop period of a student's final semester.
  3. Administrative approval from each college involved is required and will be indicated in the system of record.
  4. Approval for a sequential major is granted through the approval for re-enrollment in that major.

Canceling a Concurrent Major

  1. Students wishing to cancel an approved concurrent major are responsible for removing the major from their record through student self-service or through the department of the cancelled major. Prior to cancellation, students should consult with their academic adviser in order to understand any potential consequences.
  2. The deadline for cancelling a concurrent degree is the end of the late drop period of a student's final semester.
  3. When a student cancels an approved concurrent major, the dean of the college will notify the other concurrent college(s) and the Registrar's office.

Advising Responsibility

  1. The student will be assigned to an adviser in each major.
  2. The student is responsible for creating a workable plan, approved by all advisers involved to ensure requirements for all majors are met. Course substitutions should also be included in this plan.
  3. Students must fulfill all of the General Education requirements for at least one major listed on their record as well as all General Education courses listed as Major or Option requirements for their other degree(s).
  4. Students enrolled in two or more Bachelor of Arts degrees must fulfill all of the Bachelor of Arts requirements for at least one major listed on their record.
  5. For a sequential major, the student and adviser should develop a list of courses required to complete the new major and, in addition, show how the courses from the first major will be used.
  6. Senate Policy: 60-00, Completing More Than One Undergraduate Major Program (Concurrent Majors and Sequential Majors):
  7. Undergraduate Advising Handbook: Concurrent Majors Program:
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