Academic Self-Assessment and Goal-Setting

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Complete this assessment and be prepared to discuss it during your telephone meeting with Liberal Arts academic advising.

The goals of this meetings are to: 

  • Reflect on the challenges encountered that prevented you from succeeding academically
  • Check in about your academic goals
  • Develop a plan to meet academic standards required to continue at Penn State

Are you currently a Liberal Arts student?  

If you are not currently a Liberal Arts student and are requesting re-enrollment to the College of the Liberal Arts, please complete the following questions:


Reflect on what you did and/or learned about yourself during your suspension.


Set Goals – identify two goals

Is each goal a SMART goal? Is it:

If you cannot check each box, revisit your goal. How can you modify your goal to make sure it meets each SMART criteria?

Make a Plan Break your academic goal into small steps that will help you work toward your main goal. Remember that each step must be measurable and attainable.

What do you need? what resources will be helpful to you as you work toward your goals?

Please read each statement listed below. Ask your adviser if you have questions, then check the box in front of each statement to confirm that you have read and understand each statement. Your adviser will enter a note in Starfish stating that you understand these policies.

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