First-Year Seminar Substitution Request Form

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The form below is for current Liberal Arts students ONLY

Liberal Arts students who do not complete a first-year seminar in their first year at Penn State must propose a substitute course.

To be eligible for substitution, the course must:

  • be successfully completed
  • be a small class (maximum of 50)

Fulfill at least three of the five active learning elements listed below:

  1. Active use of writing, speaking, and other forms of self-expression
  2. Opportunity for information gathering, synthesis, and analysis in solving problems, including the use of library and computer/electronic resources and the application of quantitative reasoning and interpretation
  3. Engagement in collaborative learning and teamwork
  4. Application of intercultural and international competence
  5. Dialogue pertaining to social behavior, community, and scholarly conduct

To have a course reviewed for substitution, you must submit written statements that detail how the course satisfies at least three of the active learning elements above. Your statements should clearly identify these elements as well as include specific examples illustrating the class activities that support them.


NOTE: The following are not eligible for substitution:

  • Courses currently in progress
  • English/ESL 015, English 030, 137H, 202
  • CAS/SpCom 100
  • Major Requirements
  • Courses utilized in fulfilling the Writing Across the Curriculum requirement
  • Large lecture courses with small recitation period

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