Concurrent Graduate Degrees (IUGs)

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An integrated undergraduate-graduate (IUG) degree program combines a Penn State baccalaureate degree with a master's degree as a continuous program of study, and provides several advantages for qualifying students: (1) It permits coherent planning of studies through the master's degree, with advising informed by not only the requirements of the baccalaureate program, but also the longer-range goals of the master's degree; (2) For most students, the total time required to reach completion of the master's degree will be shortened versus the total time if each degree were completed separately; (3) The student will have earlier contact with the rigors of graduate study and with graduate faculty; (4) The resources of the Graduate School are accessible to these students; and (5) While still undergraduates, students with IUG status benefit from their association with graduate students whose level of work and whose intensity of interest and commitment parallel their own.

IUG Programs in the College of the Liberal Arts

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