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Congratulations to our graduates!

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This information was produced on April 2, 2021, as an unofficial list of students majoring in Anthropological Science, Anthropology. Archaeological Science, and/or Biological Anthropology, who indicated their intent to graduate spring semester 2021. Any changes after that date will not be reflected here.

  • Elizabeth Begley
  • Theresa Bright
  • Jalani Chapman
  • Duneshka Cruz
  • Caitlin E. Donahue
  • Olivia Paige Eichelberger
  • Mariah E. Elser
  • Sydney Ernst
  • Trevor Hale
  • Mary Catherine Heath
  • Madeline Helmbrecht
  • Megan Meyers
  • Ariel Erica Noriega
  • Heather Lynn Ramsey
  • Kelsie J. Richner
  • Marissa Kathryn Scott
  • Richard Egan Wedertz
  • Arianna Yuri Wilson
  • Casana Mae Zemba
  • Yanjing Zhang
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