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International Student Workshops and Resources

The College of the Liberal Arts values international students and all the diversity they bring to Penn State. We realize that it can be difficult to leave your home country and make Penn State your academic home. To help ease your transition, the college has a variety of resources to help you succeed. In the sections below you will find information on the offices, departments, and key topics that will help you navigate your academic, personal and professional journey. Two key resources include academic advising, your first stop for anything academic and the Career Enrichment Network, an office dedicated to career development.

The College of the Liberal Arts offers a year–long, monthly workshop series titled How to Succeed at Penn State. The workshop covers topics like these:

  • Higher education in the United States
  • Ethics and academic integrity
  • Out–of–classroom activities to get involved with as an international student
  • Career and job search advice for international students
  • Maintaining your visa status

Liberal Arts Students Helping Students (LASHS) Peer Mentor Program

The College of the Liberal Arts also offers peer mentoring specifically for its international students, where new incoming students are paired with senior international students for a year. Students meet regularly with their mentors to learn about life and academics at Penn State. To learn more about this program, please contact Nimisha Thakur at

Preparing for an internship or full-time position

  • DISSA (Directorate of International Students and Scholars Advising) is the only office that can advise international students on employment eligibility. If you are seeking an internship or full time position it is necessary to check in with a DISSA Adviser regarding work permission.
  • Meet with someone from the Career Enrichment Network for a resume or cover letter review, the alumni mentor program or enrichment funding. The Career Enrichment Network is designed to prepare and connect you with career related opportunities.

Finding an internship or full-time position

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