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Katie Still

Liberal Arts Major: International Politics
Hometown: LaGrange, Georgia
Experience Time: Spring 2022

Give us a brief summary of your experience?

I interned with the U.S. State Department's Office of Management Strategy Solutions and Center for Analytics. The office is currently the hub of data analytics for the State Department as a whole. I got to work on several meaningful projects that directly affected foreign policy.

How did this experience impact you academically?

I was able to get credit for the internship by enrolling in a class meant to enrich my experiences. I wrote about my experiences and discussed various assigned topics with classmates. As for the future of my academic career, it gave me a feeling of empowerment. It was also an inspiration to work even harder in classes next semester so that my transcript might be impressive to anyone reviewing it in the process of applying for jobs after graduation.

"As a political science major and a 'junior' foreign affairs specialist, the State Department has been the perfect experience."

How will this experience impact your career goals?

This experience was my foot in the door to the vast bureaucracy that is the US federal government. I have a goal of working in government someday, either the State Department or the intelligence community. As a political science major and a 'junior' foreign affairs specialist, the State Department has been the perfect experience.

How has the College of the Liberal Arts helped you to find and/or succeed in this experience (e.g., adviser, faculty, staff, enrichment funds, etc.)?

The one thing that helped me the most was the enrichment funds. Aside from attending classes full-time and having this internship, I also have a full time job. Luckily, I have an incredible boss who has encouraged me every step of the way to follow my dreams. She allowed me to take any time off that I needed to complete this internship! I have been paid part of my salary while at home but not the whole amount, so having the enrichment funds has helped tremendously. Without it and without my paycheck coming in, I would not have had any financial means during the time of the unpaid internship. I am extremely grateful for the enrichment funds.

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