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Cory Steinle

Liberal Arts Major(s): Communication Arts and Sciences, Labor and Employment Relations, Human Resources and Employment Relations
Minor: Business and the Liberal Arts, English
Hometown: Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

What was the best part of your experience?

The best part of my experience was being able to tap into Deloitte's vast network. As a professional services firm, we're engaged in virtually any work you can think of - Future of Work products, Change Management solutions, etc. Being able to network within the firm - and learn exactly what I want to do - was invaluable.

Being able to network within the firm - and learn exactly what I want to do - was invaluable

How did this experience impact you academically?

Academically, this experience inspired me to become more interested in people analytics. One of the classes in my major, HRER 512, is largely a people analytics class and will allow me to explore my interests in data analytics and visualization. This experience also helped motivate some potential thesis topics for my Master's program in government human resources, post-merger culture integration, and organizational design.

How will this experience impact your career goals?

This experience helped me realize what a career in consulting is actually like. Moreover, it helped me understand what questions to ask when trying to discover who (which company) sells which kinds of work - which is something hard to replicate without experience in the industry.

How has the Paterno Fellows Program had an impact on this experience?

The Paterno Fellows program - inadvertently or intentionally - has taught me to think critically and communicate succinctly through its people, events, and academic requirements. I quickly discovered that the core consulting skills I needed to succeed at my internship were embedded in my educational experience, and I am indebted greatly to the program for my success over the summer and employment offer!

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