PSYCH 212: Understanding Educational and Vocational Opportunities for Children and Youth in Cambodia
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Keitha Duhaney

Liberal Arts Major(s): Psychology
Minor: English, Rhetoric, Human Development and Family Studies
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

What was the best part of your experience?

The best part of my experience was meeting other students from the PEPY NGO. I had the opportunity to speak with them through World in Conversation before the trip, so meeting them in person was like meeting an old friend. Smaly, one of the students, taught me a few phrases in Khmer and taught me how to do the traditional Cambodian Royal Court Dance. I taught them a few western dances like the Drake #InMyFeelingsChallenge and the Macarena dance. It was so much fun. I was there for a short time, but I gained long-term friendships!

I value my trip to Cambodia because I know how important global competence is

How did this experience impact you academically?

This experience impacted me academically by bringing the textbooks to life. We spoke of child development and social learning in the classroom so it was interesting to see that play out in real life. In Cambodia, a lot of parents don't view education in a good light as a result of the traumatic events of Khmer Rouge, so subsequently a lot of children end up farming instead of going to school. I learned that child development doesn't necessarily start with the children, but with the parents.

How will this experience impact your career goals?

I value my trip to Cambodia because I know how important global competence is. With the rise of social media and technology, humans are more interconnected than ever. What happens in Paris, France can affect what happens in Ferguson, Missouri. It is imperative to understand the cultures, beliefs, and general lifestyles of others in order to decrease the likelihood of using an imposed etic on others. The decrease will not only improve my day-to-day interactions, but it will also improve my success in my future career as a child advocacy lawyer.

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