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Solaia Moccetti

Liberal Arts Major(s): German
Other Major: Supply Chain Management
Hometown: Rueschlikon, Switzerland

What was the best part of your experience?

Being able to work with young children of all cultures and from all over the world has broadened my perspective. I went to an international high school, so it is nice to experience a multi-cultural environment again. Seeing the children interact and learn every day is impressive, especially because all of them already know two or more different languages at such a young age. Being able to be a part of the learning process for many of these children has been an experience never to be forgotten, as a child's mind is most capable of learning at this age.

People always say that you can learn by doing, and I have definitely experienced this to be true.

How did this experience impact you academically?

This position will allow me to practice my German to the fullest extent, and as this experience is meant to replace my German credits, it is the perfect way for me to learn as much as possible. People always say that you can learn by doing, and I have definitely experienced this to be true. Since I already speak the language fluently, my past German classes have not been as challenging as I had hoped. What I am missing within my German is certain vocabulary and consistent practice. By teaching German to other students, I will also be able to learn more of the language myself as we go. Speaking it on a daily basis around people that also speak the language perfectly will allow me to become more fluent and correct my grammar. I will also use this experience to network within Zurich for future work opportunities.

How will this experience impact your career goals?

I have also never used German in a professional setting and as there is a high chance I will decide to move back to Switzerland or Germany at some stage throughout my life, I think this position would prepare me very well to work in a German speaking office in the future. Swiss and American work cultures differ drastically from one another, and this has helped me become confident and comfortable in a Swiss work setting. The position will allow me to work in a low pressure but professional environment, which many German speaking offices prefer.

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