Katherine Bartuska

The Foreign Policy Research Institute
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Katherine Bartuska

Major: International Politics, Economics
Minor: History
Hometown: Wilkes-Barre, PA

How did you learn about this opportunity?

I originally found the internship via FPRI's website. I applied via email and submitted a cover letter and resume, and later conducted an interview over Skype.

Tell us a little bit about your experience.

As an operations intern, I assisted in conference preparation, development, public relations, and research for various administrative projects. Specifically, I tracked scholar news appearances and published these appearances to FPRI's website, managed FPRI's Twitter account, and assisted in grant prospecting. I also aided in the development of historical simulations for high school students as part of FPRI's Civic Education program, where I helped plan the events and created the information packets for students.

I tracked scholar news appearances and published these appearances to FPRI's website, managed FPRI's Twitter account, and assisted in grant prospecting.

How did this experience impact you academically?

Throughout my summer at FPRI, I completed many different projects and got to do a variety of tasks. I enjoyed this, for I felt as though I got involved with many different aspects of day to day operations at FPRI. Since this was my first internship, I wanted an experience that exposed me to a lot of different aspects of a nonprofit. My position allowed me to interact with many members of FPRI's staff, for many of my projects were under various individuals. I also really liked being in an environment where I was able to learn quite a bit about foreign policy and international issues, as I was constantly reading articles to add to the website or Twitter. Additionally, every Friday, FPRI hosts an intern seminar, in which a different scholar spoke to the interns about their research and various topics. This was really interesting, for FPRI's scholars are widely published and spoke on a lot of different topics.

What are your career goals and plans?  How did this experience impact them?

As I obtained this internship between my sophomore and junior years, I feel as though I still have plenty of time to decide what I would like to do following graduation. However, currently, two career paths that I am the most interested in include working for a nonprofit or the State Department. This experience gave me a great amount of experience in the nonprofit sector, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. FPRI helped strengthen my love of international affairs and education, and made me consider combining both in a future career.

Would you recommend this experience to other Liberal Arts students?

Yes, I would strongly recommend this experience. FPRI's Operations Intern position is a great position for anyone interested in both nonprofit work and foreign policy. I felt as though I got an excellent introduction to various aspects of running a nonprofit, while also becoming much more informed about international affairs and current events.

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