Internship with Bayer HealthCare
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Kerry Donnelly

Major: Economics
Minor: Business in the Liberal Arts
Hometown: Millburn, New Jersey
Chapel Executive Intern

How did you learn about this opportunity?

During my sophomore year, I visited Bayer HealthCare and met with a few well regarded professionals to discuss my future career plans. One of them told me about his upcoming internship program, and during the spring semester of my sophomore year I applied through the Bayer job board online, had an interview, and accepted my offer. Bayer will be recruiting at PSU in the future for this internship.

Tell us a little bit about your experience.

I was fortunate enough to have an incredible experience during my internship. My various projects allowed me to become familiar with SAP, Microsoft Office, and the inner-workings of a procurement organization. I learned so much about professional development and how to network with a purpose. During my internship I was able to tour a Bayer manufacturing plant in PA, and a supplier manufacturing site in NJ. This was such a unique and interesting experience that I was very lucky to have. I would recommend this internship and company to everyone! My program was designed carefully to allow me to step outside my comfort zone and get as much out of the internship as I put into it.

How did this experience impact you academically?

Do not be taken aback if a job description prefers a certain major, always apply and explain the benefits of your specific degree.

I was a bit nervous at the start of my internship because being that this is a procurement internship, the other two interns were supply chain majors, and I am an economics major. I quickly learned that all technical terms I needed to know I could learn on the job. My liberal arts degree helped me to be able to think strategically and adapt to new situations easily. I want to continue to pursue a career in procurement, and I am now grateful that I have a unique background because it will show employers that I can learn on the job, and apply my critical thinking skills.

What are your career goals and plans?  How did this experience impact them?

After graduation, I am looking to embark on a Leadership Development Program in Procurement. I am looking at 2 to 3 year programs because they will offer me the opportunity to rotate in procurement or supply chain and learn about different functions. I am interested in either continuing on at Bayer, or starting fresh at a new company. I am eager to see where the next chapter in my life takes me! I am fortunate that my internship has prepared me with the skills and confidence to succeed in future programs and this demanding career path.

Would you recommend this experience to other Liberal Arts students?

I would recommend this experience to other Liberal Arts students. Do not be taken aback if a job description prefers a certain major, always apply and explain the benefits of your specific degree. I think that my Economics background really helped me succeed in my Procurement role. Bayer is a great company to work for; even as an intern my ideas were implemented and I felt I contributed great value to the company. Bayer also offered a lot of great perks that are not standard in all internships.

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