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Megan Kauth

Major: Political Science
Minor: N/A
Hometown: Wall, PA

How did you learn about this opportunity?

Reading the weekly newsletter from the political science department, my attention was immediately grabbed by an article on Penn State's Alumni Mentor Program. I had never had someone to call a mentor before, and here Penn State was ready to find me one. I had always thought I knew what I was doing, but never heard a bad thing about a mentor, so just in case I was missing out on anything, I applied. Because another helpful voice could never hurt!

Tell us a little bit about your experience.

My experience in the Alumni Mentor Program has proven to be only beneficial. I am taking part in a lot of different programs and activities thanks to my alumni mentor and all of the advice she has given me. These include both a study abroad and internship experience. On top of this, she has given her own advice on the classes I should take for each semester. She has provided me with different contacts to network with and boost my skills in communication and prepare me for the work force. She constantly keeps me updated on her thoughts regarding the different events held on campus, ones she thinks are vital for me to attend and so on. She has reviewed my resume with me and helped to make it stand out for future employers and interviews. We have put together my schedule for the fall semester and have plans to put together a “to do” list for my junior and eventually senior year.

How did this experience impact you academically?

I took a meteorology course during my freshmen year to fulfill a general education requirement and really hurt myself in terms of GPA. I was not even a meteorology major, so it was rough to get through the semester. Scheduling for the next semester, I still had one more gen ed to fulfill. I discussed with my mentor and she suggested courses that were really fun and interesting! She also provided insight on the different professors at Penn State that I was able to connect with thanks to her. Some of the teachers for the smaller classes I was able to draw an immediate connection with, because they remembered my mentor!

What are your career goals and plans?  How did this experience impact them?

My hopes for the future include a career in diplomacy, preferably working for the state. With the many connections my mentor has gained as both a student at Penn State and in her career, I have not only networked with an employee who works for the state in DC, but I am going abroad this summer. Thus far, I think her most vital advice was for me to intern abroad, which I did not even realize was something you could do. I thought studying abroad was strictly to take classes, and now I am working for the largest LGBTQ association of Europe in their Rome offices with an office of my very own! That is something I HAVE to credit my mentor entirely for!

With the advice I have received from my mentor, I know I am getting the most out of my college years.

Would you recommend this experience to other Liberal Arts students?

I would absolutely recommend this experience to other Liberal Arts students. It has provided me with a tremendously beneficial experience thus far and hopefully will continue in the future. With the advice I have received from my mentor, I know I am getting the most out of my college years.

For more information on the Liberal Arts Mentor Program, visit our website.
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