Shane Hunter Hart

Liberal Arts Alumni Mentor Program
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Shane Hunter Hart

Major: English
Minor: Film Studies
Hometown: Binghamton

How did you learn about this opportunity?

I found out about the Liberal Arts Alumni Mentor Program through a friend of mine. We just ended up talking about the program one day. It sounded interesting so I looked into it more.

Tell us a little bit about your experience.

So far, My mentor and I haven't had many opportunities that involve directly working toward my graduation goals. I have only had the chance to work in part time summer positions that had little to do with my major. However, my mentor has been a big help in shaping the path I want to take after I graduate. Since he graduated, my mentor has led a successful career that mirrors the goals that I would like to succeed in as well. He has been more than happy to look over my writing and give me critical feedback on it. He has helped build my confidence in moving forward with my career goals.

How did this experience impact you academically?

My mentor has been very helpful in advising me on what courses would be most beneficial to me. Upon our first conversation with each other, I was already in the middle of my semester. However, he assessed the current courses I was taking and told me the significance that the classes I was taking could have in the future. For the following semester he advised me to take a few classes that pertained to film studies and also to look into whether I could apply for a film minor. After looking into the subject more, I realized that I qualified for the film minor with the courses I decided on from my mentor's advice.

What are your career goals and plans? How did this experience impact them?

After I graduate from Penn State, I would like to pursue a career in screenwriting. I have a mutual love of both creative writing and film that I want to apply in a career. However, I realize that such a career is a hard one to break into and so I also have felt the need to look over the steps I need to take going forward. That is where my mentor has been a big help to me. He has succeeded in a career as a television producer. His career closely matches the one I wish to have and so his experiences and advice that he provides for me are very much appreciated. Thanks to my mentor's insight into the film industry, I feel far less overwhelmed in regards with how to proceed with my life goals.

Thanks to my mentor's insight into the film industry, I feel far less overwhelmed in regards with how to proceed with my life goals.

Would you recommend this experience to other Liberal Arts students?

I would definitely recommend the Liberal Arts Alumni Mentor Program to other Penn State Liberal Arts students. Speaking from my own experience, finding a career can feel like a daunting task. Many feel that getting a degree in the Liberal Arts will mean having trouble finding a well-paying job in the future. It’s very helpful to be able to talk to someone who has had a similar experience to your own, see the opportunities that await you, and learn the steps to take toward your future goals.

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