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Transfer From a Campus to University Park

Contact your campus registrar to initiate your change of campus.

Students should never make housing arrangements at University Park until they have been approved for a change of location.

Transfer from University Park to a Campus

A University Park Liberal Arts student requesting a TEMPORARY (one semester) Change of Campus:

Students must:

A University Park Liberal Arts student requesting a PERMANENT Change of Campus:

Students must:

Establishing Competency in a Major

  • Students enrolled in, or hoping to enroll in, majors of the College of the Liberal Arts are expected to attend the University Park Campus once they have earned a total of 60 credits. (Faculty Senate policy 37-30) We believe that it is critical for students to be at University Park with enough time to develop mentoring relationships with their faculty advisors, to choose from a broad selection of classes in the major, and to interact with other students in that major. Students who do not transfer to University Park must choose a major at another location and change their college of enrollment to that location.
  • No more than 91 credits earned while enrolled at another Penn State College or at another institution may be applied to degrees granted by the College of the Liberal Arts. (Faculty Senate policy 37-00).
  • 24 of the credits related to the primary area of study stipulated under “requirements for the major” must be completed at University Park.
  • Senior seminars or capstone courses required for the major must be completed at University Park. 

Entrance to Major Process

Students with 43.1 completed credits at the end of the fall semester who have been approved for their major through the ETM process will automatically be transferred to University Park and will not have to request a change of campus.

For information regarding the ETM process please see (hyperlink to Registrar).

Students in a pre-major status who wish to declare a Liberal Arts major and who have the minimum credits required to declare a major (>27.1) can request entrance to that major by filing a change of major form with the appropriate department (UP) or the appropriate academic advising center (at another Penn State campus) prior to the pool semester. Or, they may wait until their pool semester and follow the eLion entrance-to-major procedures. The request for entrance will be approved if the student meets the entrance requirements for the college and/or major. Note: Students desiring a Psychology major must fulfill the following entrance requirements to be eligible: 1) 2.00 minimum cumulative grade point average, 2) “C” average in courses already taken that are offered or required by the major, 3) Psy 100 (formerly 002) completed with a grade of “C” or better, 4) Stat 200/ Psy 200 (formerly 015) completed with a grade of “C” or better, 4) 3 credits of GQ (not including Stat 200) with a grade of “C” or better, and 5) 3 credits of GS (not including Psy 100) with a grade of “C” or better. 

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