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“Global citizenship” is more than just a catchword.

There’s not an aspect of our lives that is not affected by what’s happening in the rest of the world.  Education abroad is the best way for your student to learn what’s beyond the borders of her own town, and his own country, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular and academically critical part of a Penn State student’s educational career!

Penn State University has developed dozens of its own programs for study abroad, many of them offered over the summer, but some for an entire semester. The College of the Liberal Arts also offers several embedded courses, which are Penn State courses taught on-campus with a short-term international travel experience associated with the course content (typically a one-week trip over spring break). These programs are designed and taught by Penn State faculty, ensuring that your student gets the highest quality instruction. There are also many other programs available, including exchanges with universities abroad administered by trusted third-party providers with established partnerships with Penn State.

Penn State offers hundreds of education abroad programs – so your student has a wide variety of options. Dedicated staff at the College and the University levels are ready to answer your questions and assist your student in choosing the best possible program for his or her academic needs and personal aspirations.

What can you as a parent do to help your student achieve a study abroad experience?

  1. Talk to your student early about study abroad! Freshman year is not too early to begin planning, particularly in ensuring that your student will have a seamless curriculum plan.
  2. Early planning also ensures that your student can take advantage of the many scholarships and grants available, through the College of the Liberal Arts, University Global Programs, as well as many governmental and civic organizations! Education abroad can be affordable—especially if you start planning for it early!
  3. Learn more about parent resources for study abroad through Penn State Education Abroad’s website and review the comprehensive information available through the Study Abroad 101 online module.

For more information, visit the Liberal Arts Global Experience Website

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