Superior Teaching and Research (STAR) Award

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The STAR award is a scholarship award given to a graduate student in the College of the Liberal Arts. This award is to recognize students who have established a significant record of teaching, research, and service and who have excelled in each area. Funds are provided to support specific projects or activities that will advance the student’s professional and scholarly development.

While this award may support activities that enhance the student’s dissertation, the primary purpose of this award is not to fund dissertation research or conference travel (students can apply for dissertation support through the RGSO Dissertation Support Competition and departments provide primary support for conference travel).


Nominations are due November 1st and April 1st of each year.  The College will be able to give approximately 10 STAR awards each year.


The Director of Graduate Studies of the program in which a student is enrolled nominates a student on the basis of merit, considering both the student’s record of accomplishment and the impact of the award on future achievement. Please provide as much detailed information as possible about the student (including GPA, SRTE's, publications, and contributions to the department) along with a description of their project.


Nominations, which include a cover sheet and nominating statement, should be submitted in hard copy or as a pdf to , 105 Sparks. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lynn Sebulsky at (814) 867-4357 .

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