Summer Tuition Assistance Program

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About the Program

The purpose of this program is to provide tuition assistance to graduate students who have held assistantships or full fellowships for two consecutive semesters (Fall AND Spring) so they can continue graduate studies during the summer.

Students should be registering for 400 level or above required courses; foreign language skills courses; required speech communication courses for international students; and approved by the students' Graduate Directors .

Credit Maximum = 9 credits for students that were appointed as graduate assistants or fellows for the preceding fall and spring semesters.

The Application Submission Deadline is June 30.

NOTE: If a student registers for more than the credit maximum he/she will be billed for the additional credits and the student will be liable for payment of the additional tuition. This program only covers tuition. The student is responsible for any additional course fees.

Important Information

  • Courses must be required and approved by the student's graduate program.
  • An award can not be delayed and transferred, e.g., from a summer session to a fall semester or spring semester.
  • World Campus courses are now eligible.
  • Students must go through the regular bill filing process and registration for classes in order for the funds to be directed toward the students' tuitions.
  • Students will be billed for audits, which cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements and unapproved registrations.

NOTE: There is a limited pool of money available to the College. Prompt submission of your application will ensure that you will receive complete consideration.

Click here to complete the online STAP application form.

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