During Interview Considerations

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Answer questions confidently and thoroughly

Look into the “Types of Interviews” page to get more information on the types of questions you may face and how you can prepare for them.

Illegal Questions

Selection of employees based on applicant characteristics such as race, gender, sex, religion, national origin, or age is illegal and therefore you are not required to answer such questions. Although it is easier to know that an employer may be asking an illegal question when it is overtly asked in an interview, it may be more ambiguous in interviews of a more casual nature (e.g. lunch or dinners during a site visit for an interview).

In some cases, these topics may arise as part of a casual conversation and the employer may not be intending for the answer to influence hiring decisions. When responding in such an ambiguous context, consider the situation and determine the motivation for the question as well as your comfort with responding. You may tactfully deflect the question if you think it best not to answer. You may volunteer such information if you so choose.

Salary Related Questions

In some cases you may be asked what salary you are expecting when you go in for the interview. It is important to research salary ranges for similar jobs or positions. When asked, it may be better to provide a range to show that you are willing to negotiate and that you have done your research on understanding your worth. It may be best to avoid negotiating on the salary until after the position is offered to you.

To learn more about negotiation, see the “Negotiating Offers” page.

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