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General Information 

This award provides recognition to employees who demonstrate an outstanding and enthusiastic attitude, works to build a positive atmosphere of trust, inclusion, and mutual respect, serves as a model for collaboration and collegiality, and exhibits genuine appreciation for others, valuing diversity by treating everyone with respect. 


The employee demonstrates a combination of the following:

    • Outstanding attitude and enthusiasm in the College
    • Promotes cooperation and positive work climate
    • Celebrates in the successes of others
    • Exhibits genuine appreciation for others and values diversity and inclusion
    • Displays the ability to make the best of any situation or circumstance
    • Actively engages in departmental or College activities
    • Serves as a liaison with various internal and/or external University constituents



Nominating Procedure 

Nominations may be made by faculty, staff, students, and alumni.  The nomination shall consist of:

    • Nominator Information
    • Nominee Information
    • Two supporting letters, each letter not to exceed one page in length:
      1. One letter of support from the nominator
      2. One additional letter of support from someone who has a working relationship with the nominee


Mini Statue + $750

Eligibility Requirements 

Standing and fixed-term, non-exempt, exempt, and technical service employees in the College of the Liberal Arts. 

    • Employed by the College for a minimum of 12 months as of the nomination deadline
    • Must be rated as a successful contributor or above per the performance evaluation metrics and has not had any disciplinary actions within the last 12 months
    • Past recipients of awards are eligible for nomination in the same category after three years unless otherwise specified within the award description

Wondering who to nominate? Sample questions to consider:

    • Who continually seeks out opportunities to collaborate across departments?
    • Who exemplifies inclusive practices to ensure everyone feels welcome?
    • Who have you witnessed standing up for others and working to further a positive environment?

Nominee Information

Nominator Information

Supporting Letter Information

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