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Pre-nominations for 2021-2022 awards are closed and will open in April 2022 for 2022-2023.

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College Level Teaching Awards

University Level Teaching Awards

University Level Service Awards

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President’s Award for Engagement with Students
Recognizes a faculty member who goes beyond his or her responsibilities to engage and encourage students in learning, demonstrating deep caring and involvement with students' learning. The honoree will have taken specific actions to be involved in student growth and learning—academic, social and professional. The recipient will have been available to interact with students outside class, link students to opportunities, and help them build their confidence as learners and potential contributors to society.

Undergraduate Program Leadership Award
Recognizes a faculty member who demonstrates exemplary leadership benefiting an existing Penn State undergraduate degree program. The award spotlights individuals whose leadership has transformed or revitalized an undergraduate program. Eligibility: Full-time faculty appointment within a degree-granting unit; demonstrated excellence in leadership of undergraduate education; not currently serving as an assistant or associate dean, head or chair of an academic department, school or division.

Achievement Awards

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Barash Award for Human ServiceRecognizes a student body who has contributed to human causes, public service activities and organization, or the welfare of fellow humans performed in University Park, Borough of State College, or townships of College, Patton, Harris, or Ferguson.

W. LaMarr Kopp International Achievement AwardRecognizes an undergraduate student who made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of the international mission of the University. Undergraduate students must have been enrolled full-time for two consecutive semesters to be eligible.

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