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Pre-Nomination Form

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Pre-nominations for 2020-2021 awards are now closed.

Nominee Information:

Nominator Information:

Please select the award(s) below for which you would like your eligible candidate to be considered:

If you have any questions about these awards, please contact .

Four nominations are submitted to the University per college. Department Heads will receive a list of pre-nominated faculty in May. Full dossiers must be submitted by the nominating unit (unit nominations) by September 3, 2020. The college will do a down select. Please keep in mind that dossiers require three student letters, see below for dossier preparation information.

The nominator and nominee will be notified by the end of September if the dossier will go forward to the University committee as a college nomination.

 Candidates should meet the minimum eligibility:

  • Undergraduate teaching as a primary responsibility
  • Full-time appointment at Penn State (standing or fixed-term)
  • Pre-tenure, tenured, or not tenure eligible
  • Minimum of 3 years at Penn State teaching undergraduates full-time

For more information go to:

Non-Teaching Awards (managed by Associate Dean’s Office for Undergraduate Studies)

One nomination per college. The College will do a down select and notify the nominator to proceed. Full dossier is not required.

Teaching Award Dossier Preparation: due by September 3

Please submit the following original documents to Nicole Force in 118 Sparks Building by September 3, 2020. Important: the pages cannot exceed the indicated limit for each section.

  • One page nomination letter from the Department Head
  • Teaching philosophy- 1 page maximum- please see the teaching philosophies of previous winners at for examples
  • 1 sample of a course syllabus – no page restrictions
  • Letters of support:
    • Current Undergraduate Student Letters (3 students, 1 page each)
      Current undergraduate students are those who have taken an undergraduate course with the candidate in the previous three semesters during which the candidate taught; inclusive of students that have graduated. Letters from graduate students are only appropriate if the student took a course with the instructor as an undergraduate. Letters from graduate TAs are not appropriate.
    • Former Undergraduate Student Letter (1 student, 1 page)
      Each candidate is limited to only 1 letter from a former undergraduate student. A former undergraduate student is one who took an undergraduate course at Penn State from the instructor =4 semesters ago. Former students include current Penn State students and students that have already graduated. Letters from graduate students are only appropriate if the student took a course with the instructor as an undergraduate. Letters from graduate TAs are not appropriate.
    • Observer Letter (1 page)
      The writer may be a colleague or an administrator who has previously observed the instructor in an undergraduate classroom (or analogous review for online courses) and be able to provide specific examples and a strong rationale for the award candidacy. The Selection Committee prefers original letters written for the award packet, not repurposed peer evaluation letters.
  • Biographical sketch from nominee (2 page maximum) to include:
    • Appointments (reverse chronological order)
      • Please include current and previous appointments and rank, title and dates for each
    • Evidence of Growth and Development as an Instructor
      The items listed should demonstrate the broader impact of the individual's professional and scholarly activities specifically related to university teaching and student learning.
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