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General Information

Each year a faculty award for excellence in scholarship, research, and the arts honors those who have excelled in creative work and expresses the University's gratitude and appreciation for their achievements.

The awards are given in recognition of scholarly or creative excellence represented by a single contribution or a series of contributions around a coherent theme. Note that the award focuses especially on work culminating in the past five years. It is not a career award. The contribution may be original basic research in any area of science; the contribution may represent application of knowledge in the creation of a process or device useful to society; the contribution may be in any area of the arts or humanities such as poetry, musical composition, design, sculpture, paintings, ceramics, theatre arts, and photography.

Candidates are considered annually in each of the following areas:

  • Arts and humanities
  • Engineering
  • Life and health sciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Social and behavioral sciences


To be considered for this award, a faculty member must meet the following criteria:

  • hold a full-time academic appointment; this includes those holding professional, research (excluding non-continuing research appointees), or librarian titles and those who are full-time instructors or assistant librarians;
  • is not designated as an Evan Pugh University Professor;
  • does not hold an endowed professor or chair position.

Suggest a faculty member for nomination

Past Winners



Jonathan Eburne Comparative Literature, English, and French and Francophone Studies Arts and Humanities


Amy Allen Philosophy Arts and Humanities
Pamela Cole Psychology Social and Behavioral Sciences
2019 Giuli Dussias Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese Social and Behavioral Sciences
Christopher Reed English Arts and Humanities
2018 Sandra Spanier English and Women's Studies Arts and Humanities
2017 Sophie de Schaepdrijver History Arts and Humanities
2014 Eric Hayot Comparative Literature and Asian Studies Arts and Humanities
Joan Richtsmeier Anthropology Life and Health Sciences
2013 Judith Kroll Psychology Social and Behavioral Sciences
2012 Michael Berube Literature and Science, Technology and Society Arts and Humanities
John McCarthy Sociology Social and Behavioral Sciences
2011 Patrick Cheney English and Comparative Literature Arts and Humanities
Vijay Krishna Economics Social and Behavioral Sciences
2010 Thomas Beebee Comparative Literature and German Arts and Humanities
2009 D. Wayne Osgood Crime, Law, and Justice Social and Behavioral Sciences
2007 Matthew Restall History Arts and Humanities
Darrell Steffensmeier Sociology Social and Behavioral Sciences
2006 R. Keith Gilyard English Arts and Humanities
2005 Frank R. Baumgartner Political Science Social and Behavioral Sciences
2004 Linda Woodbridge English Arts and Humanities
2002 Gary S. Cross History Arts and Humanities
2001 Glenn Firebaugh Sociology Social and Behavioral Sciences
2000 Londa L. Schiebinger History Arts and Humanities
1999 Alan Walker Anthropology Life and Health Sciences
1998 Lynn S. Liben Psychology Social and Behavioral Sciences
James L. W. West III English Arts and Humanities
1996 Karen L. Bierman Psychology Social and Behavioral Sciences
William J. Duiker History Arts and Humanities
1995 Alan Booth Sociology Social and Behavioral Sciences
Wilson Jeremiah Moses History Arts and Humanities
1994 Henry Harpending Anthropology Social and Behavioral Sciences
1993 Robert R. Edwards English Arts and Humanities
Dennis S. Gouran Speech Communication Social and Behavioral Sciences
Kenneth M. Weiss Anthropology Life and Health Sciences
1991 Paul West English Arts and Humanities
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